How Ubbaloo Works

Ubbaloo is made easy, a smart way to connect to your community. Our platform is easy and simple to use. A great atmosphere where you can connect your customers.

  1. Add your listing

Create an account; fill all the necessary informations about your business and its activities you will like to share with your potential customers. Uploadphotos, add social and website links to your account for customer to know more about your services.

  1. Get maximum exposure

After your account and profile is confirm/approved, your business will be seen and searchable by potential visitors. Getting maximum exposure depends on your subscription plan.

  1. Increase your business income

Making the best of Ubbaloo and increasing your customer inflow will depends on you, we bring them; will be your job to make them happy when you have them.


Help & Support

How do I sign up for a plan?

It’s easy as choosing one of the four plans available from our price and plan. Simply create an account and you start publishing or buying right away. If only everything was easy then we make it easy.

Do I pay for Free subscription?

No, you do not and we do not even ask you for any form of payment when your accessing our Free plan. But you can at anything upgrade your subscription plan to enjoy the benefit that will be best for your business. 

How does the Free listing works?

All you need is sign up for an account which is free. During your Free plan, you are free to switch between plans without incurring any fees. If you are not interesting in continuing the paid plan, you must downgrade you plan to Basic. Otherwise automatic recurring payment will continue on your subscription plan and such payment are not refundable.

What kind of payment you accept

We accept major credit cards payment like Visa, MasterCard. We also accept PayPal. At this time we do not accept checks and purchase orders.

How do I switch plans/subscriptions?

Plans/subscription can be switch at any time from your account page. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan but plan will have to expire first which means when your plan is Platinum and you downgrade to Gold your Platinum subscription term will have to expire first before the Gold plan will apply.

Are there any hidden fees I have to pay?

No, there are no hidden fees aside your subscription plans. All taxes and IVA included in plan.

What type of files and photos I can upload?

You can upload any file but we recommendation is that you upload your files in PDF, your images and video have to be the recommended size to our website.

Do you have a question please contact our support desk by using the contact form.